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Copyright Susan Shacter 2014


Copyright Susan Shacter 2014



I am an actor, artist and storyteller. I love looking for new ways to be creative and staying active. 

Currently taking an in person auditioning class with Casting Dir, Erica Jensen. - She-Collective

The Long Game workshops with Tessa Auberjonois - She-Collective

Currently co-hosting a weekly comedy Podcast- Grumble Goat - see below


Looking for a short comedic podcast? 

Grumble Goat, starring a delightful comedic duo. Mat grumbles is frustrations away while I have optimism on my side that will leave you laughing. Mat keeps me focused as we discuss life's trivialities during our improved interview. I have no knowledge as to what the weekly grumble is going to be... What's got your goat? We would love to know. Check it out! Subscribe and Follow us on our Facebook page: Grumble Goat or Instagram: GrumbleGoatPodcast. You can find it on any of your favorite pod catchers. iTunes, Google Play, Spotify & Stitcher. (sound clips coming soon)

Dueling Pistols- A dramatic podcast, a western.

My character is Sarah. Edwards first love. He seeks vengeance but not in the way you might think. Follow a wonderful cast of characters while they battle the elements of America and search for adventure. Who are these people? Listen to find out! Episode 2, we meet Sarah, a tragic story, really. (inserting sound clip) Dueling Pistols was created as part of a collaboration with Dueling Pistols Winery. I recommend the Cabernet, a velvety & medium bodied red. Perfect for any podcast.

Regional Theater:

I had the pleasure of performing with ELTC  for another beautiful summer by the shore 2022. Who Am I This Time? Written by Aaron Posner was a delight to learn and explore. I played two roles. Helen Shaw and Gloria Hilton. These two characters could be more different. Helen, a young shy woman who finds herself in other people all while falling in love. Gloria Hilton, the famous actress in town! An explosive fight with her soon to be ex husband sends her sailing out of town. 

In 2020 I took part in zoom readings,  No Exit with Cape May Stage, Estelle. Historical spout offs and Enemies with ELTC. 

2019: I had the pleasure of returning to beautiful Cape May. This was my third time working with East Lynne Theater Company and my second with Director Gayle Stahlhuth. A lovely company and this time, a part of a lifetime. I played Lizzie Curry in Richard Nash's Comedy, The Rainmaker. Lizzie's honesty and failure to fit in was my favorite part of her. An ensemble play and my cast mates were tremendous! I appreciate Gayle Stahlhuth's direction and thought our production really benefited from her vision.

Writing: She- Collective

What is the She- Collective?

I have had so many ideas over the years but never knew how to put them on the page. Dani Super and Erica Jensen founded the She-Collective to nurture women in the arts. And I am here for it. They have a number of classes and I strongly recommend working with these women! I enrolled in Developing Material and under Dani Super's leadership I finished my Christmas Movie and currently developing my second. For more info visit:

After/Party: A short artistic film I did with Nitty Gritty Studios. Dir Ryan Charles. I think a lot of us can relate to this moment in our lives.

Thank you Sandy for our homemade masks!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay creative!​ 

Veronique as Caliban in The Tempest. Dir. Kyle Metzger, The Glass Eye.

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