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It has been a long time... since my last post

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 1:10 PM

Hello Friends, 

I have obviously not been updating "the blog" part on my website. I am quite embarrassed to see my last post was 2015. Whoops!

When I built this website, I was in a very different place then I am today. I can proudly say: I have overcome these fears. Fear is natural and a little of it is healthy. 

A few thoughts on this: when I started my acting journey in New York City roughly 10 years ago. I struggled as many do with how to represent myself. How did I want to be seen in  the world? I was afraid that being ME wasn't good or specific enough. I was young, impressionable, a people pleaser and quite honestly scared I had lost my confidence in acting.

I did have a lot of life experience/ challenges under my belt and understood what true pain felt like. I did have a perspective of the world and how to cope with death and family issues but I was so afraid to say it! Who is going to listen to a 20 something that just moved to NYC who was afraid to talk about herself. I was afraid that some how I might offend people with my thoughts on productions I had seen and it would result in never being hired professionally... I know now that is just simply not the case... 

I have been blessed to find wonderful people in my life! They have encouraged me and taught me life lessons that have made me a better more confident person. I trust myself so you can too!

more posts to come...




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