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directed by Ryan Charles.

I had the pleasure of acting with Justin Fuller. Ryan directed a guided improv where we knew the scenario but not the other actor a head of time. We had three questions and one obstacle. Three separate locations, one camera, one shot.

I am astounded by his creativity and delighted with the story we are telling. I hope you enjoy it.

Voting PSA: Outlander Spoof.

This year has been something out of a time traveling adventure novel & in lieu of 2020 we all needed a laugh.

I absolutely adore the show Outlander. Claire is undeniably amazing! Jamie is super dreamy. The costumes are to die for. The list goes on...

For all you Outlander fans this is for you. 

Written by Veronique Hurley

Filmed by Veronique Hurley & Mat Labotka


William Shakespeare's Henry V.

While attending The Hartt School. Veronique Hurley as Alice and Sarah Goosmann as Princess Katherine.

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